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  • 2019/01/11【ももたろう】【第95回】YOUは何しに岡山へ 今日のゲストはたけ子さんです ゲストハウス  LAZYHOUSE にて収録

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    10分番組 【YOUは何しに岡山へ第91回】
    今日のゲストは大阪から来たeroman maryさんです。


    10 minutes program 【YOU to the Okayama 91th times in whatever】

    Today 's guest is eroman mary from Osaka.

    Both of us came from France, I am interested in Japanese animation and POP culture and have long holidays, so it seems that I want to come to Japan and go around various places such as the countryside.

    Tokyo is certainly wonderful, people in the country are also kind.

    Just by having a job scenery in Japan or staying at a Japanese man's house and having fun with Japanese people is good, is not it?

    He seems to like local food in Japan. It seems I dislike sushi and sashimi. Lol

    French culture makes cooking for a very long time so food culture is different.

    I heard that they like boxed lunches, but lunch boxes and miso soup are cool! It seems to be like it.

    Certainly it is delicious even in a little soup in France. Lol

    In case

    Both of them want you to enjoy Japan.

    looking forward to~


    10 minutes program 【YOU to 83th to Okayama to whatever】

    Today 's guest is Loby Amie from Osaka.

    Both of them seem to live near New Jersey and New York.

    Loby is about 2 meters, but it seems that the surf board is about 3 meters long.

    There is no typhoon in the United States, but because there is a hurricane, the waves become big, so every time a hurricane comes, everyone is going to go to the ocean after chasing a hurricane. Lol As it is, I feel like America is free country. Lol

    In America, guns and other parts may be too free. Lol

    Amie also likes hobbies as reading books and relaxing at home, so it's true and true it is a system girl who relaxes at home with a system chasing a hurricane.

    I am also reading nets and books when I was free. Hurricane will not come to Okayama. Lol


    Culture is different in Japan and the United States, but Japan certainly does not have a culture of care.

    I like American free people rather than cowardly like Japan.

    Life in Japan is tough on time, so I am envious of America and others.

    Today they both went to the entrance of Korakuen today and enjoyed went by bicycle near Asahikawa with a bicycle.

    And he said he played a drummer with AEONMALL on the way back and played Pokemon's popping fist.

    The level of the Japanese game center is quite expensive. The difficulty of the UFO catcher is also high, so it can not be taken quite so easily. Lol

    Both of them want you to enjoy Japan.

    looking forward to~






    本気まるだし インターネットラジオ ホンマルラジオ ももたろう局

    ゲスト名 たけ子さん
    パーソナリティ LAZY高田
    公開日 2019/01/11