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  • 2018/12/15【ももたろう】【第75回】YOUは何しに岡山へ 今日のゲストは、chiaさん ゲストハウス  LAZYHOUSE にて収録

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    10分番組 【YOUは何しに岡山へ第73回】

    10分鐘節目【你到了第73屆岡山,無論你想要什麼】 今天的嘉賓是嘉。 這次我們用中文發言。過去半年我在台灣高雄學習中文,但中文太難了。 他似乎住在台灣中部。由於我離高雄很遠,我從未去過那裡。洛爾 它似乎在日本吃了很多日本料理,台灣也有日本料理,但看起來很貴。 我在台灣鴨子或其他賓館工作了3個月,但台灣有很多來自日本的人。

    10 minutes program 【YOU to 73th Okayama to whatever you want】 Today 's guest is felix - san jesephine. Both of us came from France and I worked for 5 years and I took the plunge and went for a world trip. It is said that Japan will travel around the country of Southeast Asia now for about three weeks at the last destination. Moreover, he seems to have developed applications and promotions related to movies in France. I like movies called Leon. I went there. Lol Many French people have many art and creative people, are not they? Moreover, he is traveling while taking a photograph with a drone while traveling now. I also want DJI's drones. It seems he once hit a drone in China. Lol I also have a drone, but I have never used it. Lol Moreover, he made a homepage for publishing pictures by himself. It is amazing. Foreign people are good at making products right away. It is said that they eat Japanese food everyday. I hope you enjoy life in Japan.




    本気まるだし インターネットラジオ ホンマルラジオ ももたろう局

    ゲスト名 chia
    パーソナリティ LAZY高田
    公開日 2018/12/15