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  • 2018/11/04【ももたろう】【第34回】YOUは何しに岡山へ 今日のゲストは jeanneさん ゲストハウス  LAZYHOUSE にて収録

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    10分番組 【YOUは何しに岡山へ第34回】









    10 minutes program 【YOU to Okayama the 32nd in everything】

    Today 's guest is aiko - san. She is TOIEC 900 points. As expected it sounds good.

    She seemed to work at a hotel in the UK. It is an elite.

    We also taught us a lot when our guest house opened.

    The score is too high. I am also aiming for TOEIC 800 points, but I do not go easily

    We first met in Argentina, but Argentina was waking a default at that time, and when we brought 100 dollars to local dark exchanges it was twice the statutory rate.

    It seems that aiko went to Argentina twice.

    Moreover, I was relaxed at the site.

    I have been in Argentina for 2 months but I wonder if Japan's trip is 4 nights

    Argentina is very friendly with wine and steak

    A normal Japanese does not go to the same place twice.

    And she seems to have tried to go to South Korea, but it seems that the plane is no longer a typhoon.

    It is the worst in Kanku. Well it was just good not to die.


    【WHY DO YOU COME TO Okayama 27th times】

    This program interviews Okayama LAZYHOUSE with travelers and people who live there on a daily daily basis.

    Recently foreigners are about 80% and there is not much Japanese recorded. Tears

    So today's guest is Iam.

    She is from Hong Kong and loves snowboarding and she is YOUTUBER.

    Doing various things, smiling face is also good.

    People in Hong Kong often come to Japan. There seems to be a group of Hong Kong lovers like snowboarding. Hong Kong and Australia say that the price of snowboarding is very high. It seems that snow in Japan is Niseko and snow quality is good. Niseko is full of people from Australia.








    本気まるだし インターネットラジオ ホンマルラジオ ももたろう局

    ゲスト名 jeanneさん
    パーソナリティ LAZY高田
    公開日 2018/11/04